Loerie Challenge

Loerie Challenge 2013

Voltooi al vier Knysna Marathon Klub wedlope en kwalifiseer vir n spesiale medalje. (Goue medaljes aan almal wat die volle 105km voltooi)

Complete all four Knysna Marathon Club races and qualify for a special medal. (Gold medals to all that complete the full 105klm) 

      2 Lagoons 10 + 32km
Pick a Pay Cape Times Bos Marathon 21+42km Or Houtkapper Trail Run
Waterfront 21km
Nite race 10km

                                Entry Form                             Please tick Block 

Early Bird ( – 2 Lagoons race) R20
Late Entry ( – Forest Marathon or Houtkapper Trail Run) R25
Almost forgotten Entry ( – Waterfront 21km) R30
Forgotten Entry ( – Castle Lite Nite Race) R35


Naam/ Name                 ———————————————-

Klub/Club                      ———————————————-

Lisensie/License #       ———————————————-

epos/email                    ———————————————-

Sel/Cell                         ———————————————-


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