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Apart from being the first to get updated info ,  we will also draw 5 names from this list to win free entry into all our events for the next year!  First draw – end March 2014

Quick jump to our Events:

3 May 2014 -  Two Lagoons – 5km, 10km and 32km  (Entries are open)

 12 July 2014 – Momentum Cape Times Knysna Forest Marathon – 21km and 42 km    - (Entries are open) 

13 July 2014 – Houtkapper Trail Run 9km, 15km, 27km . (Entries are open)  

15 November 2014 -  Waterfront Half Marathon 5km,10km, 21km( Entries yet to open)

   17 December 2014 - Night Race – 5 km and 10 km

 3 January 2015  -  The Knysna Trail Run 16km and 24 km Results updated! (Entries are yet to open)


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